About Us

Cold Power Africa Pvt Ltd is a Zimbabwean Detergents manufacturer, previously owned by Colgate-Palmolive international. The plant along with the brand was sold to local Zimbabwean investors around 2009.

The plant was opened in the mid 70’s when Colgate-Palmolive group moved into Zimbabwe, through research and development the process of manufacturing improved which saw the installation of a new plant and tower. The plant (one of a kind) was opened in 1993, with a production capacity of 600 tonnes of washing powder monthly. As the technology and systems continued to improve capacity has continued to grow, and the quality of our product has continued to improve.

Vision, Mission and Code of Ethics

We are dedicated to effective Research & Development, production and distribution of the highest quality, environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic detergents.

Our commitment to continued research ensures that we provide quality products that protect the environment and the user’s cold power products as well as match global products by manufacturing a product that meets the global standard.

We want to assure our consumers, business partners those Cold power products and are committed to truthfulness, fairness, goodwill and Quality